MSH Love Liner Limited Edition Crystal Eyes Collection All Lash Mask (Crystal Silver) 日本MSH LOVE LINER 夏季限定水晶亮片睫毛膏 (水晶银)


MSH Love Liner Crystal Eyes Collection All Lash Mask

A limited edition glitter mascara top coat to add some dazzle and shine to eyes.

A mascara with shines and pearl that changes the impression of your eyelashes with a single coat. Contains delicate prism pearls of different sizes.

With a minimal brush that makes the glitter adhere to the eyelashes, you can adjust the glitter as you like. Each time you apply it, you can create glittering eyelashes with a glittery feel.

Can be remove easy with lukewarm water.

Crystal Silver: Glitter silver that gives off a protagonist-class presence.

日本MSH LOVE LINER 夏季限定水晶亮片睫毛膏





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