Hirosophy 希洛索菲

Hirosophy Sakura Pearl Mask 10pcs 希洛索菲 櫻花珍珠面膜 10枚


Hirosophy Sakura Pearl Mask

Hirosophy Sakura Pearl Mask is formulated with extracts of cherry blossom, the symbol of Japan, and pearl powder to provide a supreme moisturizing and skin brightening effect.

A face mask specializing in aging care that contains cherry blossom extract and pearl powder.

The sheet is made of thick 100% cotton and contains a generous 28 ml of beauty lotion.

Moisturizing agents include cherry blossom extract, EGF, collagen, placenta powder and hyaluronic acid.

For Japanese style beauty for clear smooth skin. Extract used from hand-picked cherry blossoms from Japan. Contains EGF, hyaluronic acid, and collagen in addition to the 100% diluent zero-free hirothoffy placenta. No added fragrance, Made in Japan.

Contents: 28 ml x 10 pieces

How to use

Take one mask sheet from the box and apply it on your face.

Wear the mask for about 10 minutes, until the components penetrate into the skin.

Remove and use the remaining beauty essence for hands and body.


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