AGF Blendy Stick Ice Black Tea Au Lait 6 sticks 日本AGF BLENDY 冷牛乳专用速溶咖啡冲剂 红茶拿铁 6支


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AGF Blendy Stick Ice Black Tea Au Lait 

The “Blendy” stick, which is familiar from “I’m good at cafe au lait Blendy,” is a popular instant stick series that you can easily enjoy a creamy and sweet beverage from a mug with one stick.
With AGF Blendy Stick Drink with cold milk creamy black teas, you can make yourself a rich milk tea just by pouring cold milk into one stick. Individually wrapped stick type where each cup is always fresh.
It dissolves easily in cold milk, so you can easily enjoy iced milk tea.

  • Ingredients: Sugar (domestic production), creaming powder (including milk components), black tea extract (black tea, dextrin) / flavor (milk derived), pH adjuster, milk protein, fine silicon oxide, emulsifier, sweetener (acesulfame K) 
  • Contents: 7 Sticks × 1 box
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 13.2 cm x 3.7 cm x 7.7 cm
  • Instructions:
    1) Put 1 stick in 1 glass and pour 150 ml of cold milk.
    2) Immediately stir with a spoon about 30 times in 10 seconds. Due to the characteristics of the powder, lumps and undissolved residue may occur on the bottom of the glass. Once the powder is dissolved in a small amount of milk, it becomes easier to dissolve. Please refrain from storing in the refrigerator or freezer as it will be difficult to melt.
  • You can also enjoy it with soy milk or almond milk.

日本AGF BLENDY 冷牛乳专用速溶咖啡冲剂 红茶拿铁

使用 AGF Blendy Stick Drink 搭配冷牛奶奶油红茶,您只需将冷牛奶倒入一根棒中,即可制作出浓郁的奶茶。独立包装的棒型,每杯都是新鲜的。

内容量:7 支 × 1 盒

1) 将 1 根棒放入 1 个玻璃杯中,倒入 150 毫升冷牛奶。
2) 立即用勺子在 10 秒内搅拌约 30 次。由于粉末的特性,玻璃底部可能会出现结块和未溶解的残留物。一旦将粉末溶解在少量牛奶中,它就会变得更容易溶解。请不要存放在冰箱或冰柜中,因为它很难融化。


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