Cle De Peau Beaute 肌肤之钥

CLE DE PEAU BEAUTÉ 2024 Radiant Spring Flowering Set I 日本肌肤之钥 2024黑钻会员大礼盒I


CLE DE PEAU BEAUTÉ 2024 Radiant Spring Flowering Set I

Cooperating with Italian artist Daria Petrilli, implying her digital art into the CLE DE PEAU BEAUTÉ 2024 Membership Gift Box Set !

Inspired by Flora, the goddess of flowers and spring, depicted in Botticelli's 15th-century Renaissance painting PRIMAVERA, this coveted collection captures the ultimate essence of spring's awakening.

Set Includes:

  • Moisturizing Micro-Capsule Serum 40ml
    • This moisturizing serum contains capsules that contain beauty ingredients . With a pure and elegant fragrance, the high-quality texture melts into the skin, leaving it clear and moisturized.
  • Perfumed Shower Gel 190ml
    • This shower gel luxuriously envelops the skin with creamy, fine foam , washing it to leave it moisturized and hydrated . The fresh scent of flowers fills the bathroom.
  • Perfumed Hand Cream 75ml
    • This perfumed hand cream has a light, comfortable texture and
      a pure floral scent that envelops your hands . It is absorbed instantly without stickiness, leaving your hands clear and moisturized.


日本肌肤之钥 2024黑钻会员大礼盒I

日本肌肤之钥与义大利艺术家 达里雅·彼得利 合作,能将其数位艺术具体落实在肌钥2024会员礼盒组专案上



  • 黑钻光精华液 40ml
    • 含有含有美容成分的胶囊。香气纯净优雅,优质质地融入肌肤,令肌肤清爽滋润。
  • 光彩身体沐浴乳 190ml
    • 以奶油般细腻的泡沫奢华包裹肌肤,清洗后肌肤滋润水嫩。清新的花香弥漫在浴室中。
  • 光采护手霜 75ml
    • 香氛护手霜质地轻盈舒适,纯净的花香包裹双手。瞬间吸收,不黏腻,令双手清爽滋润。



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