CLOVER Jazz Popcorn (Butter) 67g 三叶草爵士 平底锅爆米花(黄油味)


营养成份:每100克 能量2285千焦,蛋白质6.6克,脂肪38.7克,碳水化合物43.6克,钠862毫克


【商品品牌】:日本进口零食 有限会社 手动自制DIY爆米花巧克力/酱油/黑胶味62g







CLOVER Jazz Popcorn (Butter)

A nostalgic frying pan-shaped aluminum plate popcorn.

You can enjoy hot, freshly made popcorn with a butter flavor.

★ Great success at events and parties!

★ Easy snack to make at home!

★ You can also make it with an high heat cooktop.

How to make

● When making with a household gas stove


Be sure to remove the sticker in the center to make it safe.


Put it over the gas stove and slowly shake it from side to side on low heat.


When it start to squeeze, do not stop and wait 3 to 4 minutes while keep shaking it slowly.


When the popping sound stops, turn off the heat with the feeling that some unpoped corns remain. Peel off the film immediately. Be careful not to get burned, and blow off excess steam.

Raw materials

Corn (non-genetically modified), vegetable oil (palm oil), salt, flavored fats and oils, flavors, caramel color, antioxidant (VE), (some of the raw materials include soybeans and wheat) 

Allergic substance

Soybeans, wheat

Please note

・ When making popcorn, children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as it can be dangerous for them to make it alone.
・ Please note that the oil inside will melt and flow out if left in high temperature (about 40 degrees) and in direct sunlight.



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