Homei Compact Gel Light Black 1pc 日本Homei限定黑色款LED指甲光疗凝胶灯 1pc


Only 1 piece in stock!

This lamp was created to be used with HOMEI Gel Polish but may be used for other gel applications. Results may vary.

  • USB Cord 1m
  • Size: W112mm x H20mm x D81mm
  • Wave Length: 400nm ± 5nm
  • 5W
  • Timer: 30 secs
  • Output Voltage: 5V/1A


  • Gently open the gel lamp to its full extent.  Do not use force to open the lamp as it will damage the lamp. 
  • After applying HOMEI Weekly Gel Products, position your fingers near the round button and press button when ready. (Entire hand may not fit under the lamp. Please cure nails in two separate sets)
  • Lamp can also be used on your toes

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