&HONEY Melty Moist Gel Body Wash 日本安蒂花子 蜂蜜绽嫩净白唤肤沐浴露 500ml


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&HONEY Melty Moist Gel Body Wash

A "honey beauty" body wash that focuses on bare skin, which has a moisture content of 40%. More than 90% of the product consists of moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients.

The honey gel formula removes dirt while moisturizing with the power of honey.
The scent lasts 1.5 times longer, so you'll be enveloped in a soothing scent even after bath time.

Rose honey scentier to manage. The product is free from additives and has a champagne flower honey fragrance.

How to Use

Apply an appropriate amount to wet hands, towels, or sponges with water or hot water, create a lather, and wash your entire body. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

*Made in Japan

    日本&HONEY 蜂蜜绽嫩净白唤肤沐浴露

    一款专注于裸露肌肤的“蜂蜜美容”沐浴露,含水量为40%。 产品90%以上含有保湿和调理肌肤的成分。

    香味持续时间延长 1.5 倍,因此即使在沐浴后您也会被舒缓的香味所包围。

    玫瑰蜂蜜香味易于管理。 产品不含任何添加剂,具有香槟花蜜香味。


    用水或热水沾湿双手、毛巾或海绵,取适量产品,揉出泡沫,然后清洗全身。 清洁后彻底冲洗。



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