&HONEY Pixie Moist Silky Hair Pack 日本安蒂花子 蜂蜜飘逸柔润发膜 130g


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&HONEY Pixie Moist Silky Hair Pack

This product is composed of over 90% moisturizing and protective ingredients such as honey and golden silk. It also includes cashmere silk components that provide intensive care for dry and frizzy hair, transforming it into manageable and smooth locks. Compared to conventional products, it offers 120% higher coating power, leading to hair that feels smooth from root to tip. It is a fragrance-free formulation with a scent of Star Fleur Honey.

A hair care solution designed to moisturize and protect hair, while also improving manageability and smoothness. It is formulated with a high concentration of natural ingredients and offers superior coating power compared to conventional products.

How to Use:

After shampooing, lightly remove excess water and apply an appropriate amount, focusing on the ends of your hair. Massage it in with your hands and then rinse. If you are using a treatment afterwards, you can use it without rinsing.


日本安蒂花子 蜂蜜飘逸柔润发膜

由90%以上的蜂蜜、金丝等保湿、防护成分组成。 它还含有羊绒丝成分,可为干燥和卷曲的头发提供集中护理,将其转变为易于梳理和光滑的头发。 与传统产品相比,它的涂层能力提高了 120%,使头发从发根到发梢感觉光滑。 它是一种无香料配方,带有星芙蓉蜂蜜的香味。

一款护发解决方案,旨在滋润和保护头发,同时提高头发的易梳理性和光滑度。 它采用高浓度的天然成分配制而成,与传统产品相比,具有卓越的涂层能力。

洗发后,轻轻除去多余的水分,然后取适量涂抹于发尾。 用手按摩,然后冲洗。 如果您事后要进行治疗,则无需冲洗即可使用。




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