&HONEY Pixie Moist Silky Treatment 日本安蒂花子 蜂蜜飘逸柔润护发素 440ml


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&HONEY Pixie Moist Silky Treatment 


This product is composed of over 90% moisturizing and protective ingredients such as honey and golden silk. It also contains cashmere silk components to reduce tangling and make your hair easier to manage. The product is designed with a high coating power of 120% compared to conventional products, leading to smoother hair from root to tip. It is a free-additive formula and has a luminous fleur honey scent.

The product is a hair care solution designed to improve manageability and smoothness of hair. It is formulated with a high concentration of moisturizing and protective ingredients, and is free from harmful additives. The product also boasts a high coating power, ensuring comprehensive coverage from root to tip.

How to Use

To open, hold the pump head and turn it upwards, press a few times before use. After shampooing, lightly remove the water, take an appropriate amount in your palm, spread it, and apply it to your entire hair. Rinse afterwards.

*Made in Japan

日本安蒂花子 蜂蜜飘逸柔润护发素

由90%以上的蜂蜜、金丝等保湿、防护成分组成。 它还含有羊绒丝成分,可减少缠结并使头发更容易打理。 与传统产品相比,该产品的涂层力高达120%,使头发从发根到发梢更加光滑。 它是一种无添加剂配方,具有明亮的花蜜香味。

该产品是一种护发解决方案,旨在提高头发的易梳理性和光滑度。 它采用高浓度的保湿和防护成分配制而成,不含有害添加剂。 该产品还具有高涂层能力,确保从根部到尖端的全面覆盖。


打开时,握住泵头并将其向上转动,使用前按压几下。 洗发后,轻轻沥干水分,取适量于掌心,涂抹均匀,涂抹于整个头发。 之后冲洗。




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