Honyaradoh Forest Charm Greeting Bath Salt 20g*4pcs 日本Honyaradoh虹雅堂森林芬芳碳酸钠入浴剂


Product Feature:

The body is soothed throughout the bathing process, thanks to the aroma of Forest and carbonic acid and other bath additives that are excellent in alleviating tight muscles.

For those who are concerned about the stubborn coldness of their hands and feet.It stimulates blood circulation and warms the body from the core with the warm bath effect of bicarbonate.
By neutralizing the PH of hot water, carbon dioxide dissolves into hot water as bicarbonate ions.
Even if the foam disappears, bicarbonate ions are dissolved in hot water 24 hours a day.It is excellent in keeping warm and moisturizing effect, and it warms up to the core of the body.


Pour 1 sachet in the bath and mix well.

*Product of Japan





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