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John's Blend Body Shop - Musk Mimosa 460ml 日本John's Blend香氛沐浴露 - 麝香含羞草 460ml


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Product Feature:

Like the mimosa's ears fluttering in the spring air, a delicate and pure perfume slowly seeps around you. The pleasant and peaceful yellow color that draws your attention quickly brightens your day.

It's a moisturizing soap foundation that keeps your skin from feeling tight after you take a bath.



配方中特别添加了植物萃取成分, 以扑鼻的清新舒爽的麝香含羞草迎接生活的美好。保湿成分中含有神经酰胺,薏仁精粹等滋润柔嫩肌肤的成分,使沐浴后肌肤水嫩不紧绷。



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