John's Blend

John's Blend Fragrance gel - Musk Mimosa 135g 日本John's Blend香薰扩香膏 - 麝香含羞草 135g


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Product Feature:

A delicate and clear aroma gently permeates the air like the mimosa's ears swinging in the spring breeze. Your daily life is immediately brightened by the lovely and serene yellow color that attracts your attention.

A glass jar filled with scented gel. It smells softly and gently when you open the lid.



配方中特别添加了植物萃取消臭成分, 以扑鼻的清新舒爽的麝香含羞草迎接生活的美好。可轻松覆盖二手烟,甲醛等难闻气味, 成分精选天然香料且能保持持久清香。



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