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John's Blend Musk Osmanthus Body Soap 日本JOHN’S BLEND 麝香桂花香沐浴露 460ml


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John's Blend Musk Osmanthus Body Soap

John's Blend Body Soap gives your body an invigorating cleanse from head to toe, leaving your skin feeling fresher than daisies.

Formulated with cruelty-free musk, this floral fusion refreshes and cleanses your skin with a heavenly scent that’s delicate, enchanting, and never overpowering.

The Musk Osmanthus scent is a beautiful mix of sweet osmanthus and white musk.

日本JOHN’S BLEND 麝香桂花沐浴露

John's Blend 沐浴露为您的身体提供从头到脚的清爽清洁,让您的肌肤感觉比花朵更清新。




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