John's Blend

John's Blend Reed Diffuser (Musk Ajisai) 日本JOHN’S BLEND 藤条香氛 (麝香绣球花香) 160ml


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John's Blend Redd Diffuser (Musk Ajisai)

    The watery floral fragrance and the dignified and gorgeous hydrangea art will add color to your room.

    A refreshing yet sweet MUSK AJISAI

    The rainy season is when humidity levels rise.

    MUSK AJISAI brings a cool feeling to spaces that tend to be damp.

    When you want to change your mood, or when you want to spend some quiet time enjoying the sound of the rain...

    It has a clean fragrance that suits any occasion.

    Inspired by hydrangeas that gently color a rainy world, this watery floral fragrance expresses a dignified and transparent impression, with the addition of the pureness of white musk.

    The top note is the refreshing sweetness of green and apple, followed by a floral scent that emerges over time, and a pure feel of musk and powder.

    Fragrance duration
    Approximately 4-5 months

    How to Use

    • Please insert the included stick into the container before use.
    • When using, be sure to place it on a stable, level surface and be careful of sudden falls due to earthquakes or wind.
    • If you feel that the scent has weakened, turn the stick over. In a 6-8 tatami room, placing it in a place where the air moves will make the scent stronger. 

    *Made in Japan

    日本JOHN’S BLEND 藤条香氛 (麝香绣球花香)









      约 4-5 个月



      • 使用时,请务必将其放置在稳定、水平的表面上,并小心因地震或风而突然坠落。
      • 如果您感觉气味减弱,请将棒翻过来。在6-8榻榻米的房间里,放置在空气流动的地方,香味会更浓。



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