Kanebo 嘉娜宝

Kanebo Milano Collection Face Powder 2023 Eternal Limited 嘉娜宝 2023天使蜜粉 永恒女神150周年豪华礼盒限定版 30g


Kanebo Milano Collection Face Powder 2023 Eternal Limited

Fills your heart with rich sensibilities, as if you were touching a luxurious work of art, with the theme of “Eternal Goddess of Beauty”.

A face powder that gives adult skin, which tends to be dull, a bright complexion with a bright complexion. The petal-like plate-like powder scatters light finely, covering every detail without gaps to brighten the skin. With pink veil powder and bright base powder, the impression of lively complexion continues.
Fragrance of classical floral bouquet

The special container was supervised by Venetian glass artist Andy Paiko. With the image of a passionate flower that can feel the power of unleashed potential and magnificent beauty, it is a design that combines grace with a profound classical feeling. It is a highly artistic container that you will want to keep at hand even after you have finished using it.

嘉娜宝 2023天使蜜粉 永恒女神150周年豪华礼盒限定版



威尼斯玻璃艺术家Andy Paiko 以感受到释放潜力的力量和壮丽之美的热情之花为灵感,将优雅与深刻的古典感相结合的设计。这是一个极具艺术性的容器,即使在您使用完它后,您也会想将它放在手边。



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