Lavons Le Linge Fabric Refresher (Lovely Chic) 朗蓬恩 衣物香氛除味喷雾 (甜美典雅) 370ml


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Lavons Le Linge Fabric Refresher (Lovely Chic)

luxurious scent for non-washable fabric products. Fabric mist with the scent of perfume in the room. A lovely chic scent that makes you feel gorgeous and happy.

Prevents odors such as tobacco and food, and propagated bacteria.

A pleasant scent for fabric products such as coats and sofas that cannot be washed immediately.

The sterilization and deodorant effect suppresses odors around pets.

Carefully selected organic extracts that have received organic certification.

朗蓬恩 衣物香氛除味喷雾 (甜美典雅) 

适用于不可水洗织物产品的奢华香味。 房间里弥漫着香水味的织物雾气。 一种可爱别致的香味,让你感到华丽和快乐。






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