LAVONS Le Linge Humidifier Fragrance Water (Lovely Chic) 朗蓬恩 加湿器香薰机专用香氛水 (甜美典雅) 300ml


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LAVONS Le Linge Gel Car Air Freshener 

Humidifier Water with Good Fragrance
Simply place the humidifier water tank with tap water. Can be used approximately 50 times. *When using 1 cap (about 6 mL) of water per 2 L of water.
Compatible Humidifier: Ultrasonic / Hybrids Partially / Removable Tank Humidifier Pour Tap Water into Removable Tank.

朗蓬恩 加湿器香薰机专用香氛水

使用份量: 每2升水使用约6毫升专用香薰水 (约1盖)
容量: 300 毫升


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