LINGHE Adult KF94 Medical Mask (Tiffany Blue) 10pc/box 令和 成人医疗3D立体口罩 (蒂芙尼蓝) 10入/盒装


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LINGHE Adult KF94 Medical Mask
  • 3D Korean adult three-dimensional mask 10pcs/box
  • CNS14774 national inspection standard
  • Bacteria protection rate is more than 95%
  • This product has passed the dual certification of EU CE and US FDA international standards
  • Three-layer protection design-
    • Skin-friendly layer: high anti-allergic fiber non-woven fabric,
    • Middle layer: melt blown filter cloth with high filtering effect,
    • Surface layer: water-repellent non-woven fabric
Quantity: 10pcs/boxed
Applicable age: adult
Size (commodity): length 20.5X width 8.2CM
Origin: Taiwan

令和 成人医疗3D立体口罩

  • 3D韩式成人立体口罩10入/盒装
  • 专业洁净无尘室等级
  • 符合CNS14774国家检验标准
  • 细菌防护率95%以上
  • 本产品通过欧盟CE及美国FDA国际标准双重认证
  • 三层防护设计-
    • 亲肤层:高抗过敏性纤维不织布,
    • 中一层:高过滤效果之熔喷滤布,
    • 表面层:泼水性不织布



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