MUSEE WHITENING Teeth Whitening Sponge [2 Types] (3PCS)

  • A quick teeth stain removal sponge with cleansing liquid pre-soaked with. Individually packaged, easy and convenient to use.
  • Designed for removing stain from coffee, tea, wine, and even tobacco. Simply rub on teeth surface to mildly clean in any place, at any time . Or before your important occasions.
  • Open 1 sachet, the sponge inside is already soaked with cleansing liquid. Simply rub on teeth surface gently to clean. Dispose after use. Actual performance depends on tooth surface and stain structure and ages.
  • Stop using the eraser when the tip has worn away. A re-used eraser can damage your teeth.
  • 1 box package has 3 sponge for 3 uses .
  • Made in Japan
  • Handling Precautions:
    ・Be careful as liquid picked up by the sponge may drop.
    ・Do not use on false teeth etc.
    ・Try your best to make sure the sponge doesn't contact the gums.
    ・Do not use for anything other than brushing teeth.
    ・Keep out of reach of young children. (Be careful of accidental ingestion.)
    ・This item cannot be eaten.

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