SANRIO Folding Smartphone Stand (Kuromi) 三丽鸥 折叠手机支架 (库洛米)


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SANRIO Folding Smartphone Stand

Cute sanrio character phone stand that can be folded slim and easy to carry around even when traveling.

Size: Approximately 6 x 0.7 x 15.7 cm


  • Adjustable 12-step angle

  • Adjustable to an angle that is easy to see

  •  Slim and convenient to carry

  •  For telework video conferences

  • For checking recipes for cooking apps

  • Forwatching videos at travel destinations

三丽鸥 折叠手机支架


尺寸:约 6 x 0.7 x 15.7 厘米

  • 可调 12 级角度

  • 可调节至易于观看的角度

  • 纤薄方便携带

  • 用于远程办公视频会议

  • 用于检查烹饪应用程序的食谱

  • 在旅游目的地观看视频

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