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Sunny Health Harisienne Tablet 124pcs 日本SUNNY HEALTH 美肌弹性蛋白丸 (124粒)


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■ Product name: Haligene
■ Contents: 124 tablets
■ Ingredients: Fish-derived collagen peptide, reduced maltose starch syrup, bonito-derived elastin peptide, hyaluronic acid, fine silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, shellac, carnauba wax, (some raw materials include gelatin)
■ Manufacturer: Sunny Health Co., Ltd.
■ Category: Health food
■ Country of origin: Made in Japan
■ How to eat: 4 tablets per day 

[Firming elasticity collagen hyaluronic acid elastin]

In addition to collagen and hyaluronic acid, luxuriously blended with elastin, which has been spotlighted as a beauty ingredient of a new era. Elastin is a protein fiber that has elasticity in its components.

Nutrition information: Energy / 4.14kcal, protein: 0.86g, fat: 0.011g, carbohydrate: 0.160g, salt equivalent: 0.015g

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