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Unimat Riken Kid's Chewable Children’s Probiotics & Calcium Tablets (Yogurt Flavor) 90pcs 日本Unimat Riken 儿童乳酸菌钙片 (酸奶味) 90粒


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Unimat Riken Kid's Chewable Children’s Probiotics & Calcium Tablets (Yogurt Flavor) 

Delicious yogurt flavor, easy nutrition supplement
Unimat Riken Children's Probiotic Calcium Chewable Tablets are in the form of yogurt-flavored chewable tablets, which combine probiotics, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D in a delicious yogurt flavor, allowing babies to supplement important nutrients happily like eating candy. Yogurt tastes fresh and pleasant, and its texture is delicate and smooth, making it the best choice for babies with calcium deficiency.

Four nutrient combinations for comprehensive care of growth

  • 3 billion probiotics: promote intestinal health and enhance immunity
  • 306 mg of calcium: strengthen bones and teeth, promote growth and development
  • 79 mg of vitamin C: enhance resistance and whiten skin
  •  4.7 micrograms of vitamin D: promote calcium absorption and prevent rickets

Taking 3 Unimat Riken Children's Probiotic Calcium Chewable Tablets per day can provide babies with 3 billion probiotics, 306 mg of calcium, 79 mg of vitamin C and 4.7 micrograms of vitamin D.

Probiotics help maintain intestinal health and enhance immunity. Calcium is the foundation for building bones and teeth and is essential for the growth and development of infants. Vitamin C can increase resistance and also has the effect of whitening the skin. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and prevents rickets. The combination of four nutrients comprehensively protects the healthy growth of babies.
Chewable tablet form is convenient and fun to take

Unimat Riken Children's Probiotic Calcium Tablets are in the form of chewable tablets. Babies can chew them like candy without drinking extra water, which is convenient and hygienic. During the chewing process, babies can also experience the taste of yogurt bursting in their mouths, making taking supplements fun and enjoyable. The chewable tablets are small in size and easy to carry. They can supplement nutrition anytime and anywhere, which is very suitable for active children.

Safe and high-quality ingredients Mothers can choose with peace of mind
Unimat Riken Children's Probiotic Chewable Tablets and Calcium Tablets are made of safe and high-quality ingredients. Probiotics undergo a sterilization process to ensure safety. The source of calcium is oyster shell calcium, which is easy to absorb. This product is produced domestically in Japan and has reliable quality. Each batch of products is strictly tested and does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or other additives, so mothers can choose with peace of mind. 


  1. Children over 3 years old, 3 tablets per day. 
  2. Chew the tablet thoroughly before swallowing.
  3. Take directly without water.

Nutritional information:
• Each 3 tablets (3g) contains:
• Calories 9.18 kcal
• Protein 0.04g
• Fat 0.19g
• Carbohydrates 1.83g
• Sodium 3.9mg
• Calcium 306mg
• Vitamin C 79mg
• Vitamin D 4.7μg
• Probiotics 3 billion CFU
• Xylitol 15mg

Product information:
• Product name: Unimat Riken Children's Probiotic Calcium Chewable Tablets (Yogurt Flavor)
• Net weight: 90g (1g x 90 tablets)
• Suitable age: Children over 3 years old
• Flavor: Yogurt
• Ingredients: Glucose, dairy products, maltose, probiotic powder, shell calcium, cellulose, etc.
• Final processing location: Tokushima Prefecture and Nara Prefecture, Japan
• Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
• Note: If you are allergic to this product, please stop taking it

*Made in Japan


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