O HUI The First Geniture Signature Skin Care Value Set 韩国欧惠源生至臻系列护肤套装


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Product Feature:

O HUI The First Geniture Eye Cream 55ml Special Set

A total-care eye cream that glides over the thin skin around the eyes. This eye cream helps areas that sag or that has lost firmness. Signature29cell, the key ingredient of The First Geniture, intensively takes care of the delicate skin around the eyes to keep it hydrated and supple.

Set Includes:

  • The First Geniture Skin Softner 150ml
  • The First Geniture Emulsion 145ml
  • The First Geniture Ampoule Advanced 20ml
  • The First Geniture Sym-Micro Essence 5ml
  • The First Geniture Genummune Ampoule 10ml
  • The First Cream Intensive 7ml
  • The First Geniture Foam Cleanser 7ml
  • The First Geniture Lipstick Rosy Pink 5.2g

How to Use:

Take an adequate amount to the skin around the eyes and spread thinly. Pat gently for better absorption.





  • 源生至臻柔肤水 150ml
  • 源生至臻精华柔肤乳 145ml
  • 源生至臻焕莹润修护精华液 20ml
  • 源生至臻肌活精华液  5ml
  • 源生至臻维生素赋活精华液 10ml
  • 源生至臻滋养面霜 7ml
  • 源生至臻洁面乳 7ml
  • 源生至臻宝石唇膏 5.2g




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