Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 小林制药

Kobayashi Seiyaku Breath Care (Mint) 50pcs 小林制药 口气清新丸 (薄荷味) 50粒


Kobayashi Chewing Breath Care

Refreshes your breath from inside your stomach! A capsule type breath freshener that dissolves inside your belly. It's recommended that you take this directly after eating foods with strong smells and drinking alcohol.

Serving Instructions

Take 2-3 capsules a day together with a drink such as water without chewing.


小林制药 口气清新丸


每次可服用 2 粒为标准,若感到口腔有浓烈异味可服用 3~4 粒。直接就水吞服或者先含一下再就水吞服


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