STI-IR Popotan Toothbrush Sou 1pc蒲公英STB POPOTAN 360度成人牙刷-极细刷毛 16mm 1枚


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STI-IR Popotan Toothbrush Sou

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360 degree toothbrush Sou features

(1) Approximately 15,000 0.08 mm ultrafine bristles are densely arranged 360 degrees (normal toothbrushes are approximately 700 to 800). A large amount of ultra-fine hair that brush with firm elasticity and provide comfortable oral care for teeth and gums.

(2) Demonstrates a high level of cleaning power against plaque that causes tooth decay.

③ As with the head shape, the handle is also cylindrical, so you can easily brush without having to change it. By introducing a rounded tip, you can naturally approach the care of the gums.

④ The circular shape fits the back of the front teeth and the dents of the back teeth for effective brushing.

⑤ It can also be used as a tongue brush.

Overall length: 174mm
Weight: 11g
Brush hair thickness: 0.08mm
Hardness: Normal
Head diameter: 16mm
Handle diameter: 12mm
Material: Nylon (hair) Polypropylene (pattern)

蒲公英STB POPOTAN 360度成人牙刷


  • 360度清除无死角贴近牙齿和牙龈的凹凸
  • 刷毛尾端圆头设计,降低刺激感
  • 日本临床测试达98.4%齿垢去除率
  • 0.08极细刷毛 快速安全清除齿垢

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