Sunstar Ora2me Aroma Flavor Collection Toothpaste (Dreamy Lavender Mint) 皓乐齿 Ora2 淨白無瑕香氛牙膏 (薰衣草薄荷) 130g


Sunstar Ora2 me Aroma Flavor Collection Toothpaste (Sparkling Citrus Mint) 

  • Mood of aroma essential oil (perfume) blended with aroma.
  • Stain (colored dirt) is removed firmly with three types of silica formulation.
  • Stain control ingredients are sucked into stain and melted and difficult to get stain.
  • Leave and friendly mood: “Dori Mira Vender Mint” flavor with colorful lavender and orange.

皓乐齿 Ora2 淨白無瑕香氛牙膏 (薰衣草薄荷)

  • 加入与香气混合的香气精油去配合您的心情。
  • 使用三种二氧化硅配方可牢固去除污渍(有色污垢)。
  • 污渍控制成分被吸入污渍并熔化,不易产生污渍。
  • 友好的心情:“薰衣草薄荷”口味,带有五颜六色的薰衣草和橙色。

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