SANRIO Cinnamoroll Sunshade 三丽鸥 大耳狗汽车遮阳挡 L 70x130cm


SANRIO Cinnamoroll Sunshade

Size:about About 70 x 130 cm

  • For windshield only
  • Sucker mounting type
  • By attaching to the windshield of a car, it efficiently reflects intense sunlight, reducing the temperature rise inside the car and the deterioration of the dashboard and accessories.
  • By attaching a suction cup, it can be firmly fixed and easy to attach and detach (with 2 suction cups)
  • Comes with a rubber band that is convenient for storage

*Made in China

三丽鸥 大耳狗汽车遮阳挡

尺寸:约 70 x 130 厘米

  • 仅用于挡风玻璃
  • 吸盘安装型
  • 通过贴在汽车的挡风玻璃上,它可以有效地反射强烈的阳光,减少车内的温度上升以及仪表板和配件的劣化。
  • 通过安装吸盘,可牢固固定,拆装方便(带2个吸盘)
  • 自带橡皮筋,方便收纳



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