Shiseido Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder 2022 Limited Edition 25g 日本资生堂2022雪花心机蜜粉 25g


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Product Feature:

A brightening face powder that delicately gives additional clarity that is pure as snow to the skin. 

A skincare face powder that is pure and fine as snow, promoting radiance in the skin. 

This 2022 version is formulated with active brightening ingredient 4MSK, it suppresses the production of melanin, preventing spots & freckles. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Formulated with 4MSK (4-Methoxy Potassium Salicylate) which inhibits the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles
  • Weightless powder makes your skin look lustrous and translucent without dullness.
  • Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, "Wild Rose Extract, Shea butter, SuperHyaluronic Acid ( Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate), and Glycerin".
  • Floral aroma that gives a soft scent.

How to Use:

Can be used on the skin for 24 hours, to set the makeup in the morning and for nighttime skin care.



2022年再度升级的雪花心机蜜粉,特别添加了4MSK美白有效成分,可以抑制黑色素的产生, 呵护肌肤避免色斑于雀斑的生成;且额外添加了乳木果油成分,令肌肤被滋润包裹着,并呈现出自然光泽及透明感,实现美白护肤双管齐下。

2022心机蜜粉中还添加了可以修饰毛孔凹凸,提高肌肤透明感的雪亮粉(Snow Shinning Powder)搭配有着7色光效果的珍珠粉,轻松缔造没有暗沉的清透肌肤。



  • 早间定妆使用
  • 日间补妆使用
  • 夜间护理使用
  • 与隔离或BB霜混合使用



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