SHOBIDO Miffy Color Mascara (01 Black) 妆美堂 米菲彩色睫毛膏 (01黑色)


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SHOBIDO Miffy Color Mascara

Miffy's color cosmetics collection that makes makeup time even more fun with cute packaging. Enjoy point makeup with trendy colors. A cute design with Miffy sitting on it.

How to Use
Apply mascara from the base of the eyelashes to the tip.
Repeat until the desired finish is achieved.

[Package size]: W x H x D (Unit: mm)
W94 x H1175 x D10mm

[Body size]: W x H x D (Unit: mm)
H125mm x Φ18.9 

*Made in China

妆美堂 米菲彩色睫毛膏

米菲彩妆系列,通过可爱的包装让化妆时间变得更加有趣。 设计可爱的米菲坐在睫毛膏上面。


【包装尺寸】:W94 x H1175 x D10mm

【机身尺寸】:H125mm x Φ18.9



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