STARBUCKS Korea Christmas Holiday Dessert Tray 韓國星巴克 聖誕收纳式小桌


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STARBUCKS Korea Christmas Holiday Dessert Tray

A simple dessert tray that express the spirit  of Christmas.

The maximum load of the product is 10kg. Do not press it with strong force

Cell phones, tablet PCs, and other electronic devices can be mounted on the top groove, and when using it, make sure that the electronic devices are securely fixed. Cups and glasses can be placed in the siren logo groove. wish.

In case of contaminants, wipe gently with a wet towel immediately. It may be damaged when cleaning with harsh materials such as a rough scouring pad and steel wool. For hygiene reasons, avoid direct contact with food. Due to the nature of plastic, fine scratches may occur during the production process, but this is not a defect.・Scratches may occur due to pointed or sharp objects during use.

When storing after use, completely remove moisture and foreign substances before storing. If stored in direct sunlight for a long time, the product may be discolored or deformed.

Dimensions: Length X Length 32 X Height 22 (cm) when folded Width 44 X Length 32 X Height 4.5 (cm)

韓國星巴克 聖誕收纳式小桌






尺寸: 折叠后宽 X 长 32 X 高 22 (cm) 宽 44 X 长 32 X 高 4.5 (cm)


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