Kracie Tabino Yado Bath Salt Assorted Pack Cool Type 10PCS 嘉娜宝 旅の宿名汤温泉入浴剂浴盐 旅宿凉夏凉风 夏季限定版 温泉风吕 10包/盒


♥ Features:

Contains soothing aroma and hot spring ingredients (hot spring minerals, moisturizing ingredients containing hot springs, aroma components containing hot springs)

♥ Adding herbs (Chenpiu, Angelica):

A refreshing hot spring experience in the summer

♥ Content:

Cool: Citrus Mint Aroma, (25g) × 4 packs

Summer: Herbal Mint Aroma, (25g) × 3 packs

Wind: fresh mint aroma, (25g) × 3 packs


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