Alobaby UV & Outdoor Mist 80ml 日本ALOBABY 防晒防蚊全能水喷雾

You can use it as sunblock and outdoor spray with one. Since it is a mist type, just spray it onto skin. After use it can be washed off with warm water.
It can be used from newborn babies because it is more than 100% natural ingredients, even sensitive people.

Main ingredients
Citral contained in lemon grass has bactericidal power and because it is a fragrance hated by mosquitoes, it has long been popular as an insect repellent in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

It contains rosmarinic acid as the main ingredient, and it can expect antimicrobial action and antiviral action. It also relieves symptoms of hay fever.

Water, BG, titanium oxide, hydrous silica, polyglyceryl myristate 10, lemon grass oil, rosemary leaf oil

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