Kanpo Yamamoto Black Sesame/Black Bean/Soy Powder 200g 日本山本汉方黑豆/黑芝麻/黄豆冲泡粉 200g


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Product Feature:

Please include this product in your daily diet once or twice a day.

Add 2-3 scoops in 100cc of milk or soy milk and mix swiftly and well with a spoon or madler.

Direction of Use:

  • Combine green juice or honey, yogurt, cereal, agar powder, and other ingredients that you enjoy.

  • Combine the butter and knead the bread with the soybean flour butter.

  • Make ice cream, pancakes, rice cakes, dumplings, rice cakes, and salads with vegetables.




  • 日本丹波黑豆(丹波黑豆所含的维生素E及其他抗氧化成分是一般黑豆的2-3倍,能有效清除体内自由基,保持青春健美)
  • 大豆(利水利尿,黑发养颜)
  • 黑芝麻(滋补肝脏,乌发养颜)
  • 黑米(健脾明目)
  • 贝钙(提供钙质)
  • 豆乳(呵护肠胃)




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