YAMAMOTO Kanpo Goya Bitter Melon Tea 8g x 36 bags 山本漢方 苦瓜茶 8g x 36包


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YAMAMOTO Kanpo Goya Bitter Melon Tea

Yamamoto Kanpo Goya Tea is a useful dietary supplement, which will help to strengthen the immunity and improve overall wellbeing.


  • Increases the production of interferon and antioxidants
  • Saturates the body with energy
  • Reduces blood sugar levels to prevent and treat diabetes
  • Boosts metabolic processes, normalizing body weight
  • Removes toxins, supports the liver
  • Cleans the blood, improves blood circulation, strengthens vascular walls
  • Has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.


Pour 14-17 oz freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag. 

Cover the top and leat it brew about 3 minutes and enjoy.


山本漢方 苦瓜茶



  • 增加干扰素和抗氧化
  • 使身体充满能量
  • 降低血糖水平以预防和治疗糖尿病
  • 促进代谢过程,使体重正常
  • 排毒养肝
  • 清洁血液,改善血液循环,强化血管壁
  • 具有抗炎和抗菌作用。

将1 个茶包放进 14-17 盎司刚煮沸的水里。

盖上盖子,让它冲泡约 3 分钟,然后享用。


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