Biencourt Popol

Biencourt Popol Small Gifts from the Forest Chocolate Set A 5pcs/box 日本Biencourt Popol 来自森林的小礼物巧克力套装 A 5粒/盒


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Biencourt Popol Small Gifts from the Forest Chocolate Set A

A chocolate series with the theme of "small gifts from the forest" and a motif of the soothing little bear "Popol" and his friends. In a package with a world view that will warm your heart. An assortment of chocolates that are particular about their appearance and taste, such as popol-shaped, acorn-shaped, Mont Blanc flavor, and royal milk tea flavor with tea leaves.

Product size (length x width x height): Length 10.1 x Width 10.3 x Height 3.1 (cm)
28 items including specific raw materials: milk raw materials, almonds, soybeans

    *Made in Japan

    日本Biencourt Popol 来自森林的小礼物巧克力套装 A

    以“来自森林的小礼物”为主题,以舒缓的小熊“Popol”和他的朋友们为主题的巧克力系列。 一个充满世界观的包装,会温暖你的心。 流行巧克力、橡子巧克力、万宝龙巧克力、皇家茶叶奶茶巧克力等各种外观和口味都很讲究的巧克力。




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