Godiva Fruits Basket Sweets Set 6 pcs/box 日本歌帝梵 2024情人節限定 水果篮系列套装 6粒/盒


Godiva Fruits Basket Sweets Set

The Godiva Fruit Basket Collection is a collection of cacao fruit juice, strawberries, bananas, passion fruit, watermelon, and other fruit ganaches and pralines packed tightly into chocolate. The basket-shaped can, which resembles a fruit basket, has 6 types of limited edition chocolates in the upper tier, and 2 types of Dome His Baumkuchen in the lower tier. This sweets set is recommended for elegant tea time and picnics with chocolate and baked goods.

Product contents: 6 pieces of chocolate, 2 pieces of Dome Baumkuchen
Allergies: Egg, wheat, milk ingredients, almonds, oranges, soybeans, bananas,
Box size: 9 x 12.8 x 9.6cm

    *Made in Japan

    日本歌帝梵 2024情人節限定 水果篮系列套装

    歌帝梵水果篮系列是可可果汁、草莓、香蕉、西番莲果、西瓜和其他水果甘纳许和果仁糖的集合,紧紧包裹在巧克力中。 篮子状的罐子形状像水果篮,上层有6种限量版巧克力,下层有2种年轮蛋糕巧克力。 这款甜点套装适合在优雅的下午茶时间和野餐时搭配巧克力和烘焙食品。

    产品内容: 6 块巧克力、2 块蛋糕巧克力
    盒子尺寸:9 x 12.8 x 9.6 厘米



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