MT Metatron Premium Coffret 2020 日本MT Metatron 豪华限定套盒2020


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MT Metatron Premium Coffret 2020

Aiming for skin that shines without setting the limits of beauty. A lineup of beauty essences, which can be said to be the essence of MT Metatron, and mini bottles of the finest eye cream.

A once-a-year limited coffret packed with 6 basic care products is born.

This 6-piece set contains the following products:
・MT Cleansing Gel 50 ml
・MT Facial Foaming Wash 30 g
・MT First Step Lotion 30 ml
・MT Essential Serum 30 ml
・MT Contour B Cream 10 g
・MT Stem Eye Cream 5 g
・Original pouch  (19x10x15 cm)


日本MT Metatron 豪华限定套盒2020

日本贵妇级限量护肤套盒。一系列MT Metatron王牌热销抗老保湿护肤品。 使皮肤闪耀无限没有美丽的极限。


  • MT 温和卸妆啫喱 50ml
  • MT 温和洗面奶 30g
  • MT 保湿修复化妆水 30 ml
  • MT 紧致弹润精华液 30ml
  • MT 保湿修复面霜 10g
  • MT 干细胞金萃眼霜 5g
  • 化妆包 (19x10x15 cm)

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