韩国 JILGYUNGYI Feminine Tissue 10pcs 质更益女性护理生理纸巾 10片

  • Convenient,individually wrapped wet wipes for women with natural plant-derived ingredients.
  • Individually packaged feminine cleansing wipes perfect for a refreshing boost of cleanliness during your period, after a workout or any time that you may feel uncomfortable in public. Individually packets are discreet, more hygienic, and convenient to use!
  • Provides a fresh and clean feeling for days that you are on-the-go. Our tri-ply tissues are durable, ultra moisturizing and perfect for sensitive areas.
  • To use the Feminine Tissue simply wipe the area that you desire to be refreshed.
  • 方便,独立包装的湿巾,适合女性使用天然植物成分。
  • 独立包装的女性清洁湿巾,适合在您锻炼期间或在公共场合感到不舒服的任何时候,在您的时期内提供清爽的清洁。 独立包装卫生,使用方便!
  • 为您在旅途中的日子提供清新干净的感觉。 我们的三层纸巾经久耐用,超保湿,适合敏感区域使用。

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