K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Lasting Lip Tint [5 colors] 凯芭蕾 1 DAY TATTOO 完美持久唇釉

$9.99 $18

A long-lasting and moisturising lip tint that has a light feeling on the lips, that is not sticky or goopy. Lips are lightly stained with a rich pigment, but there is a semi-sheer gloss finish.

How to use K Palette Lasting Lip Tint.

  1. Lightly exfoliate the lips and moisturise with a light lip balm. Nothing too heavy as the lip colour won’t adhere to the skin.
  2. Wait for the lip balm to fully absorb in the skin.
  3. If necessary blot any excess balm off the lips with a tissue. This is really important! As you don’t want all the colour to disappear.
  4. Apply the K-Palette lip colour to the lips using the wand.
Made in Japan

K-palette推出了1 Day Tattoo的唇釉,以水润而持久为卖点,唇色维持一天亦不是问题!


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