16 BRAND Brow Magazine Eyebrow Palette (Vol.02 Coco Brown) 7.1g 韩国16 BRAND 迷你杂志双色雾感眉彩盘 (Vol.02 可可棕 ) 3.6g


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16 BRAND Brow Magazine Eyebrow Palette
  • A new unique formula, the texture is more delicate and smooth.
  • Soft Powdery eyebrow shaping formula comes complete with its own brushes, for easy application.
  • Fine photographic particles, higher color rendering, and rich mineral content, far reduce the possibility of sensitive skin allergic to makeup. 
  • Feel light and soft, easily to create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
  • Perfect for both professional salon or home use!

How to use

  • Clear up the eyebrow with the screw brush.
  • Draw the guide line for the shape with included oblique brush.
  • Fill in the head of the eyebrow with bright color and finish the tail of the eyebrow with darker color.
新色】16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全二款) 16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全兩款) 16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全兩款) 新色】16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全二款)新色】16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全二款)新色】16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全二款) 新色】16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全二款) 新色】16BRAND迷你雜誌雙色霧感眉彩盤(全二款)

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