K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Real Lasting Eye-Pencil 3Colors 1Day Tattoo双头 24小时眼线胶+眼影笔


Only 3 pieces in stock!

  • - Stay for 24 hours, easy to draw, outstanding color development

  • - Water, sweat, sebum-proof and resistant to rubbing

  • - Easy for beginners

  • -Comes with a felt tip for smudging edges 

  • 日本K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO双头眼线笔 24小时眼线胶+眼影笔

  • 一边是眼线胶笔一边是眼影笔,自然晕染眼线,扩大双眼的效果“4948130730199”的图片搜索结果“4948130730199”的图片搜索结果“4948130730205”的图片搜索结果


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