1DAY TATTOO Real Lasting Eyeliner Set " Limited " (2PCS) [3 Colors]


A set of the Real Lasting Eyeliner Micro 0.05mm Tip 24h Waterproof and the Real Lasting Eye Pencil 24h Waterproof in 3 colors: Super Black, Brown Black, and Natural Brown. Easy to draw a nice line. 

Real Lasting Eyeliner Micro 0.05mm Tip 24h Waterproof

This waterproof eyeliner comes in a finer 0.05mm precise tip! The super fine tip give users more flexibility to draw eyelines. The quick-drying waterproof liquid eyeliner comes with a patented micro-fiber fine brush tip for superb control and ease of drawing. High water-resistant polymer creates lasting and non-smudge eyeline that withstands water, sweat and skin sebum. Drawing that perfect eyeline is now a breeze, you will notice the difference of a more defined, focused and bigger eyes!

1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyepencil 24h

Get a natural smoky look with this 1DAY Tattoo Real Lasting Eyepencil from K-Palette. It features a soft and creamy pencil formula in a twist design.


SB (Super Black): Recommended for those who want their eyes to stand out.
BB (Brown Black): Recommended for those who feel that black is too strong, and brown is too weak.
NB (Natural Brown): Recommended for people who want a natural finish.


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