[ 3 FOR $9.99 ] GLICO Pocky Heartful Blueberries [3盒装$9.99] 格力高 百奇 巧克力心形饼干棒 幸福蓝莓味

$9.99 $11.99

GLICO Pocky Heartful Blueberries

Glico Pocky Heartful Blueberry is a pink heart-shaped pretzel coated with blueberry-flavored chocolate. The sweet and sour blue berries of happiness, inspired by the fairy tale "The Blue Bird," will bring happiness to many people.

The concept of the blue Pocky is to express gratitude and respect for essential workers as a symbolic gift of appreciation and support for medical professionals who support family, friends and loved ones.
The pink-colored heart-shaped pretzel is coated with blueberry-flavored chocolate.


Wheat flour (domestic production), sugar, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, whey powder, shortening, sweetened condensed milk, strawberry powder, blueberry powder, salt, yeast / emulsifier, fragrance, colorant (spirulina pigment, red beet) Pigments), acidulants, seasonings (inorganic salts), (some include milk components, wheat and soybeans)

*Made in Japan

格力高 百奇 巧克力心形饼干棒 幸福蓝莓味

格力高 百奇 巧克力心形饼干棒 幸福蓝莓味是一款粉红色的心形椒盐卷饼,上面涂有蓝莓味的巧克力。 酸酸甜甜的幸福蓝莓,灵感源自童话故事《蓝鸟》,将为许多人带来幸福。


小麦粉(国产)、砂糖、乳糖、植物油、全脂奶粉、可可脂、乳清粉、起酥油、甜炼乳、草莓粉、蓝莓粉、盐、酵母/乳化剂、香料、着色剂(螺旋藻色素、红甜菜) )色素)、酸化剂、调味料(无机盐)、(部分包括牛奶成分、小麦和大豆)



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