8 THE THALASSO Balancing Serum & Smooth Repair 100ml 日本8 THE THALASSO 极致柔顺海洋精华护发油


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A beauty oil for Thalasso stem cells formulated with stem cell extract and seaweed extract. For those who want a lighter finish and soft hair. It balances the moisture and oil content of hair, which tends to be dry, and prevents it from sticking and penetrates into hair to create a fresh, glossy hair. A smooth, multi-use oil that is easy to use even for beginners, and can approach various hair problems such as dryness, spreading, curly hair, swelling, stiffness, spreading due to moisture, and UV damage. It can also be used as a daytime styling agent for wet and dry hair. Fruity floral scent.

Pump hair oil into palms. Rub between hands and run fingers through your hair like a comb to ensure the most even distribution.  Can be applied to dry or damp hair.


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