8 THE THALASSO Rich Coat & High Moist Hair Mask - Aqua White Floral Scent 200g 干细胞高效修护保湿发膜

Skin care for the hair for plump hair with Thalasso stem cells. 8 The Thalasso Rich Coat and High Moist Hair Mask is a serum hair mask that repairs severely damaged hair with a rich cream formula that penetrates deep into the hair shaft. It coats each strand with hydration for an ultimate silky finish. 

  • CMC Repair 
  • Delivers nutrients
  • Ceramide 
  • Raw Keratin 
  • Heals damaged cuticles 

  • This is a essence hair mask of "Thalasso stem cell prescription" that luxuriously combines two types of stem cell extract and seaweed extract.
  • Contains a high concentration of serum components to intensively repair and repair severely damaged hair.
  • A dense type serum cream that firmly adheres to the hair, moisturizes and coats each hair while repairing the cuticle that has peeled off.
  • It leads to hair that is full of freshness and freshness through the fingers that moisturize the hair.
  • As special care once or twice a week.
  • A pleasant aqua white floral scent.


  • Use after shampoo. Apply appropriate amount of hair mask to damp hair. Spread evenly through hair and leave them on for few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For best result, use once or twice a week. 

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