The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Jinyul Gipoom 3pcs Special Set 后津率享红参水乳霜三件套装


 The set consists of Jinyul Balance, Lotion, Cream mainly, offering you a premium Hanbang formulated basic skin care experience.
Jinyul Balancer: It nourishes skin from within for improved glow and radiance, preparing the skin to receive optimum hydrating.
Jinyul Lotion: It replenishes the skin and nourishes it from within, rekindling your natural facial glow.
Jinyul Cream: A lightweight anti-aging formula, it nourishes skin from within to unveil blossoming radiance.
1. Jinyul Balancer 150ml + 20ml
2. Jinyul Lotion 110ml + 20ml
3. Jinyul Cream 30ml
4. Jinyul Eye Cream 4ml
5. Secret Court Lip Balm


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