A. by Bom ultra royal glow queen mask box 皇家麦芦卡女王蜂蜜面膜

$19.99 $29.99

The Ultra Royal Glow Queen Mask is formulated with these four core ingredients:

Royal jelly adjusts water-oil balance for deep hydration nourishment and delivers exceptional anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Manuka honey, also known as "liquid gold," has amazing anti-inflammatory and skin strengthening properties that helps to soothe and heal the skin and retain moisture without making skin oily.

Moringa, also known as "miracle tree," has rich source of many nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, C,D and E. Moringa leaves helps rejuvenate and add vitality to the skin.

Green Propolis, also known as "penicillin from nature," has great purifying and soothing properties for the skin.


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