A.C.CARE BEE'S intimate cleanser

  • Mild.hypoallergenic foam-type feminine cleaser with purified bee venom(PBV),help to maintain normal vulvovaginal PH balance,keeping you fresh and confident from embarrassing feminine odor all day long.Royal jelly extract strengthens the hydration power to protect and to keep your feminine area problem free.
  • Micro-foam formulated with royal jelly extract allows soft and gentle cleansing.
  • How to use:
  • Pump 2 or 3 times,Apply product externally onto intimate area,then rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • 温和,低过敏性,泡沫型女性洁面乳。
  • 用蜂王浆提取物配制的微泡沫可以进行柔软温和的清洁。
  • 温和的女性清洁剂有助于维持正常的外阴阴道pH值平衡,让您保持新鲜和自信,避免尴尬的女性气味。 蜂王浆提取物可增强保湿能力,保护您的女性区域免于使用。
  • 用法:
  • 取2-3泵, 将产品外部涂抹在私密区域,然后用温水彻底冲洗。

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