Aderans Bath Time Esthe Spanist Scalp Care Massager 日本爱德兰丝 Spanist Bath Time 头皮护理头按摩器


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Aderans Bath Time Esthe Spanist Scalp Care Massager

Developed by Aderans! In addition to increasing the volume of your hair, the 2-in-1 "head spa machine" can also be use for face cleaning.

Scalp Care

With the movement of the brush like Aderans' hand technique, the silicon tip of the brush scrapes out the hair and thoroughly massages and cleans the scalp.
The decisive factor is "approximately 2,800 touches per minute". By deliberately moving slowly, you can scrape out the sebum stains.
It also has a "vibration mode", so it will massage the dirt around the pores more firmly. In addition, it is equipped with a red LED that is also used in Aderans scalp care.
*Do not look directly at the LED

Add volume to your hair!

It is said that the accumulation of sebum and dirt that cannot be removed by hand washing in the pores causes a lack of hair volume. By removing the sebum that clogs the pores, the hair will rise from the roots and the volume will be increased! Youthful impression!

Aim for a clean face!

It is an excellent product that can be used on the face as well.

Rechargeable and cordless

Convenient cordless. It is easy to carry and can be used anywhere you like.

Waterproof! (IPX7)

The usual bath time is a head spa ♪ You can aim for a "clean face" and "clean scalp" while soaking in the bath while shampooing.

Size (approx): Width 9 x Depth 10 x Height 11.8cm
Weight (approx):280g

日本爱德兰丝 Spanist Bath Time 头皮护理头按摩器

  • 每秒震动2800次,,彻底净化头皮,清除毛囊中的污垢
  • 红光 LED 刺激头皮血液循环,促进头发生长
  • 100% 防水及无线设计,方便洗头时使用
  • 配合育发精华,更可帮助吸收
  • 亦适用于按摩肩颈及身体其他部份

1. 弄湿头发,涂上洗发水弄至起泡
2. 长按开关掣(约3秒)开机
3. 轻轻在头皮慢慢移动,可依个人喜好调较强弱力度或震度
4. 长按开关掣(约3秒)关机
5. 用清水彻底清洗头发
1. 长按开关掣(约3秒)开机
2. 轻轻在头皮慢慢移动,可加入头皮精华一并使用
3. 长按开关掣(约3秒)关机


尺寸(大约):宽 9 x 深 10 x 高 11.8cm


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