ADERANS Hair Repro Medicinal Scalp Shampoo (Oily) 370ml 爱德兰丝 防脱洗护洗发水 (油性头皮)


Product Feature:

ADERANS Hair Repro Medicinal Scalp Shampoo (Oily) EX

Aderans HairRepro Scalp Shampoo for Men with Oily Hair is specifically designed to get rid of oil build-up while keeping your skin moisture level balanced and healthy. The high-concentrated amino acid-based cleansers and natural plum extract work to gently and effectively soak up excess oil and all the dirt at the roots of the hair, and simultaneously to restore healthy sebum level with hydration. Plus, with our unique ingredient of fermented lactic acid derived from lotus seed, this gentle formula helps build a healthy environment for your scalp and prevent it from becoming aging and itchy.

Use it any time your hair starts feeling heavy. It will leave your scalp feeling refreshed again post-cleansing and give you more texture for a lightweight and fuller-looking head of hair.


  • 0% of paraben, silicon, sulfate, fragrance, colorants, mineral oil and alcohol
  • Infused with 3 high-concentrated amino acid-based cleansers, gently and effectively wash away all the excess oil and dirt on the scalp.
  • Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients to restore ph-balance and moisturize your scalp, leaving your hair fresh and full of body.


爱德兰丝 防脱洗护洗发水 (油性头皮) 加强版

  • 针对油性头皮
  • 有效预防头皮产生及为头皮保湿止痕,让头皮保持清洁环境
  • 从内到外为发丝提供弹性及亮泽,让头发丰盈
  • 有效预防汗臭
  • 配合植物天然成分修护头发及头皮,无香料,无色素及无防腐剂(Paraben)



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